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fun, but not my type

I celebrated my new job by buying three books:

The bullet trick – Louise Welsh
Carter beats the devil – Glen David Gold
The best American non-required reading 2006 – edited by Dave Eggers

All good. In fact, I’ve started on Carter already.

Then at the tram stop:

Cheeky Chap: “It’s nice to meet a lady with some meat on her bones…are you single?”
Me: “Thanks, but no I’m not”
CC: “Didn’t think you would be darling, but worth a try, eh?”
Me: smiling, getting out iPod
CC: “Hey look! That store has vintage typewriters! Sweet…Do you have one?”
Me: “Yeh, a Smith-Corona Clipper, from Canada”
CC: “Oooh! Built into the travel case? You lucky thing!”
Me (thinks) oh well, at least he isn’t boring…

When I got home, I found this:


The booklet contains exercises to help you get the utmost in fine writing performance, with the greatest of ease. The young lady on the cover is demonstrating the Remington Quiet-Riter. Type these sentences:

My daughter has tried all makes. She says that no other typewriter has the “feel” of the Remington.

Learning on a Remington actually makes touch-typing easier. That is because of faster, smoother action.

Now I like typewriters – but were they really so exciting in 1956?


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3 responses to “fun, but not my type

  1. bookboy

    Yay for new books!!

  2. crumpet

    Yay for new jobs!!

  3. bookboy: yay indeed…though I must return the Dave Eggers, as I already own a copy!

    crumpet: ta! I begin on April 3, and will be there Tue-Sat

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