wish list


What Would Keith Richards Do? Daily Affirmations From a Rock and Roll Survivor – Jessica Pallington West
City of Glass – Douglas Coupland
Nested Scrolls – Rudy Rucker
Surfing the Gnarl – Rudy Rucker
Get Jiro! – Anthony Bourdain
Street/Studio – Alison Young, Miso, Ghostpatrol and Timba
Global Model Village : The International Street Art of Slinkachu – Slinkachu
Little People in the City : The Street Art of Slinkachu – Slinkachu
Blek le Rat : Getting Through the Walls – Sybille Prou
Hush Exhibition Catalogue – Metro Gallery
Arabic Graffiti – Pascal Zoghbi
Gun Machine – Warren Ellis
The Days of Anna Madrigal – Armistead Maupin


Average White Band – Pickin Up The Pieces: Best Of The Average White Band
Grace Jones – Warm Leatherette, Living My Life
Depeche Mode – Songs of Faith and Devotion
Seaman Dan – Perfect Pearl, Steady Steady, Follow the Sun


A black and talismanic neckpiece from Vikki Kassioras

Science Fiction Series Choker and so much more from Tessa Blazey

Fitzroy counter loveliness.


12 responses to “wish list

  1. davy ⋅

    Personally, I’m rather keen on the Cinematic Orchestra DVD Live at The Royal Albert Hall…me want it NOW.

    Hey, I’ve got groaning shelves of vinyl – All jazz, soul-jazz, soul, latin and a smattering of funk as well as piles of leftfield stuff (now referred to as ‘lounge’). A whole dedicated room no less, shipped ’em all over from the UK…that was a scary wait.

    Have you tried the vinyl shop on Lygon St, East Brunswick? Here’s a link…http://www.arkitektrecords.com/

  2. davy: welcome aboard!
    omg, just the thought of yr vinyl stash is amazing! haven’t been to the vinyl place on lygon – thx for the tip!

  3. bookjunkie ⋅

    I’m a Murakami fan and am eagerly awaiting this too!!
    1Q84 – Haruki Murakami (English translation). Spotted the Japanese version at the Kinokuniya where I live and wished I could read Japanese. Always wondered is some of the magic is lost in translation.

  4. bookjunkie: I guess it depends on the translator…a few pals of mine prefer some Murukami releases to others, depending on who the translator was. For me? I hear 1Q84 is a massive success, and I just want to read it already! Apparenly it won’t hit Australia til at least 2011 😦 Do you blog? Send me a link if you do ?

  5. bookjunkie ⋅

    My favourite Murakami books as the Wind up Bird Chronicle and Kafka on the Shore. I like Jay Rubin’s translations. I just started blogging as a place to store my memories and vent…


  6. bookjunkie: I don’t really have a favourite – I love them all! Enjoyed your blog, and will certainly be back to read some more…

  7. I gave my copy of City Of Glass to Rowena Robertson of POSTER magazine.

    If you can track her down, I know she would happily pass it on to you. tell her Helena sent you.

  8. Ann O’Dyne: You’re so lovely! Thank you.
    Cheers, Vetti

  9. rowenaer

    Hi Ann (and Vetti) – Rowena here. The book was actually City of Quartz by Mike Davis (about LA), not City of Glass by Douglas Coupland. I’m in LA now and I constantly think back to the ideas in the book as I wander around the city, so thank you Ann.

  10. Rowena: Hiya! Just goes to show how friendly the internets can be…all the best for your travels, will certainly swing by your blog. Cheers, Vetti

  11. well I am obviously in The City Of Ditz.
    it’s Old Age. peace and love though.

  12. Vetti

    Ann O’Dyne: As long as you’re happy, it’s a good thing 🙂

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