WRDSMITH – laneway typewriters

Yes, these WRDSMTH pieces have been up awhile now, but it was nice to see them again. Still intact, without shadows or parked vans or people with selfie sticks to dodge. Sometimes its the little things…







be free zine volume 8

Just got home after a long, cold day to find this zine in my mailbox. Be Free only made 50 copies, so I’m extra thrilled to have one. There’s lots of photos inside, a blog post of mine, and two by Alison Young AKA Images To Live By.   So happy to be in such excellent company, and part of Volume 8! Thank you Be Free!

be free zine package

be free zine volume 8 cover

be free zine volume 8 vetti

be free zine volume 8 thank you

welcome and goon hugs

Real Australians say welcome – and goon hugs. Where else but Northcote? Peter Drew’s Welcome posters have become cross stitch, knitting patterns (thanks to Sayraphim Lothian), goon hugs pasteups and probably all sorts of other things too. Enjoying all of this immensely…

real australians say welcome and goon hugs - northcote

astrotwitch @ moments of being : midsumma 2015

Moments of Being features six artists, exploring otherness, gender variance, wellness and intimacy – including a whole room of paintings by Astrotwitch. These portraits are large scale, empowering, and stunningly beautiful. Surround yourself with transgender/gender diverse people and celebrate their strength, journeys, words and pride. Moments of Being opened last night at Tacit Contemporary Art, and is on until 1 February 2015. Find Astrotwitch in Gallery 1.

astrotwitch : we all deserve (portrait of drew)

astrotwitch : moments of being

astrotwitch : fragile (portrait of leelah)

astrotwitch : never fit in a box (portrait of ramses)

astrotwitch : postgender (portait of precious)

astrotwitch : this has never been easy (portrait of peter)