something for the rest of us : astrotwitch @ off the kerb gallery

‘Something for the rest of us’ is a celebration of identities and perspectives that are not heteronormative, cisnormative, or male. I can totally identify with these vibrant portraits, and was deeply touched to learn that one of me was to be included in the show. The acrylic/gouache/pen style you’ll recognize from Astrotwitch’s pasteups leaps from the walls, as well as wood panels, found objects and paper. If you haven’t experienced these works yet, get down to Off The Kerb Gallery. This colourful and thought provoking exhibition opened on April 30, and can be viewed until 15 May.

astrotwitch : lexi laphor door

astrotwitch : we will be

astrotwitch : works on paper

astrotwitch : detail

astrotwitch : something for the rest of us

astrotwitch : expectations

astrotwitch : zahra stardust on metail cabinet

This video captures what excites me about street art and Taylor White’s style in particular. There is so much joy surrounding people who do what they love, rain, hail or shine. Watching someone create is a truly special and beautiful thing. Check out this wall at Revolver Upstairs, and do more of something you love in 2014…

a very northcote christmas

Having seen most of my nearest and dearest already, Christmas day was a very relaxed backyard celebration. From prosecco, fruit and panettone to ham, seafood, salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and iced tea with edible flowers – and a few fine cheeses and dark chocolate coated lebkuchen thrown in. Sunshine, a walk, and an after dinner whisky finished the day quite nicely…

christmas cherries

christmas iced tea edible flowers