will coles : hosier lane

Today in Hosier Lane…

Him: Look, it’s just like yours!

Her: No way! Mine is bigger AND shinier.


will coles : consume

will coles : fake

will coles : fake


northside alphabet – e

What provides eye candy, random encounters, overheards, and, yes, transportation? Venue and inspiration for The Bedroom Philosopher’s Northcote (So Hungover), not to mention the whole Songs From The 86 Tram album?

E is for the 86 tram

overheard on lygon st – dinner party disaster

“So…how was dinner with your ex?”

“Sheer Hell. Like chewing through a copy of Wallpaper magazine. By the time I navigated the look-at-me how stylish and architectural plating, flaked all the hipper than thou ingredients from their pop cultural bones and endured the pretentious star-fucker tales of who taught him to cook which dish in which exotic foreign country I had completely lost my appetite.”

“They tried to dazzle you with culinary science?”

“Worse – it was beyond food. New boyfriend is no cook, he’s more like a performance artist. No wonder I’ve got indigestion…”