1950s change and style exhibition : orbost

Once an empty shopfront, now a pop up 1950s exhibition! The Orbost & District Historical Society presents a slice of mid century town life – do drop by if you’re in the area. 1950s : Change and Style is on at Nicholson St Orbost until April 12.

50s orbost: elvis presley

50's orbost:pix magazine


orbost butter factory

Orbost has been home to whitefellas since the 1840s, and their cows, pigs, crops and timber mills pretty much ever since. This butter factory was built in 1892. I didn’t go inside, but would really like to one day…

thank you, linda jackson

After a few days on the farm, I really started to miss amazing outfits. Op-shopping in Orbost or rummaging at the Marlo PS fete is still fun , but all you’ll see strolling past is workwear, surfwear, or weekend casual/polarfleece. So fine with that, but it wasn’t eye candy.

Thankfully, I scored two fabulous books by Elina Mackay – Australian Fashion Design, and The Great Aussie Fashion. Published in the mid-eighties, these coffee-table sized volumes were the tonic I needed – and a total bargain at $1 each…

This is one of Linda Jackson’s more understated designs. The whole look encapsulates what I love about people who look great – interesting accessories, clothes that make you look twice, and expressive, beautiful hair.

Big thank you bouquets to Elina, the fabulous Linda, and photographer Fran Moore. This picture shows my copy of Australian Fashion Design, open to page 256, on my blue boucle sofa. Love how the model’s hair has a pattern cut in, which continues the latticework concept from the back of her dress…

ocean beach banksias

OK, so it’s a sunny Cape Conran day…you’ve been to the Bemm River Hotel, had lunch on the verandah, and now the beach is calling. Head down to Pearl Point, and don’t forget Ocean Beach. Beautiful views, sparkling water, and these beauties in the car park…

If you’ve never been to Bemm, you’ll find it on Sydenham Inlet, aprox halfway between Orbost and Cann River. The hotel is on Sydenham Parade, opposite Luderick Point Memorial Park. It has great lake views.

scarecrows by vetti

My Mum wanted scarecrows, so I made these on the weekend…

It was warm and sunny on the farm, and so lovely to be outdoors!

All branches are windfalls from our trees, clothing/fabric/trims are from Orbost op-shops and my wardrobe/dress-up box. CD’s kindly donated by Joffa. If you’d like a custom made scarecrow, why not leave me a comment?

cape conran

Here’s some pics of the farm, where I’ve been since New Year’s Eve. Summer at Cape Conran is all about the great outdoors – beaches, checking the new trees, and relaxing with some good books. The cricket is on the radio, and local steaks sizzle on the barbie. There’s at least one pub meal, and plenty of time to relax, spin some old records, and visit the Orbost op-shops. Watching the birds, and imagining how much honey is being made in those beehives while I have a glass of wine? Bliss.

baby banksias everywhere!

we have a few types of banksias, as well as grass trees – which are truly stunning

Bill’s oak tree by the water trough

op-shop bounty – perfect plates for our next backyard soiree!

mckillops bridge

McKillops is the only bridge across the Snowy River between Orbost and Jindabyne. It spans aprox 250m, and is now within the Snowy River National Park.


Yes, mail is collected from here – I saw the postie on Friday…


You can kayak, walk, ride, camp, fish…or do like we did – stroll, rock hop, take pictures, and picnic. You can walk below and on the bridge itself.

It is rough but beautiful country…







fizzy drink, soda pop, lolly water – whatever…

Once upon a time, Phillips and Stone manufactured their refreshing drinks in Bairnsdale and Orbost. The glass is smooth and opaque in places, after long exposure to the elements. It’s a long time since we measured things in fluid ounces, I feel lucky to have found such a local artefact so close to where it was made – and on one of my favourite beaches, half buried in the sand. Inside the bottle is a steam locomotive collectable card from Australian Licorice, Victoria St, Brunswick. I can imagine some folks having a picnic lunch, eating sweets, and having fun. Good times…

Parts of the Australian Licorice factory still stand at 342-8 Victoria St. Associated with MacRobertson’s, Rowntree, and Allen’s, the factory operated until 1985. Read more here.