evil kevin

A street art reminder that Kevin Rudd is imposing nuclear waste dumps on unwilling indigenous communities. Muckaty is a long way away from Thornbury (where I saw this pasteup), but it (and Labor’s radioactive waste laws) is bad news for everyone. Yet another reason to dislike K-Rudd…

toxic kevin

Warwick Thornton’s Mother Courage 2 channel video and sound installation is breathtaking. In the darkness sits a campervan. Inside is a woman and her grandchild. They are on film, on two screens, which are also in the van, which is parked in the gallery. One screen is visible through the gap in the front seats, the other through the rear van door. Looking in, there is no way to tell where the dot painting ends and the film screen begins – which only adds to the experience.

Mother Courage (played by Grace Ruburitja) is a modern day nomad. Travelling in a campervan, painting, and caring for her grandson. She may not be living on her ancestral lands, but is connected to them through the art she makes, the indigenous community radio station she listens to, and the culture she is passing on to her young relative (Elijah Button). The community she left behind is struggling, and objects in her van (newspaper clippings of young men taken from their families, intervention sign paintings, the radio commentary on her boom box) reflect some of the reasons why she is making her own way in the world, selling her own dot paintings, far from her Western Desert roots. It looks an uncomfortable and challenging existence, but at least this strong woman is making a go of it.

Find Mother Courage at ACMI until June 23, 2013. The film loop is aprox 15 minutes, songs include Patrola – the Petrol Sniffing Song by Punch Thompson, Black Boy by Wedgetail Eagles and Make More Spear by Frank Yamma.

who is the carp?

On my travels through the Northern Territory and South Australia, I kept noticing ThE CARP’s stickers…

Oodnadatta Track – Painted Desert Road

A Skylark rocket at William Creek

This yellow one is at Curdimurka

Not just stickers. Look what I found near an old railway bridge…

Do you know who ThE CARP is?

From a little searching of the internets, I only know that s/he is widely travelled, and that stickers have been appearing since 2009 (or possibly earlier).