WRDSMITH – laneway typewriters

Yes, these WRDSMTH pieces have been up awhile now, but it was nice to see them again. Still intact, without shadows or parked vans or people with selfie sticks to dodge. Sometimes its the little things…






love for sale : dirty bandits @ just another project space

I went to the opening of Love For Sale last night and wanted to take it all home with me. Stunning typography by Dirty Bandits and colours sweet enough to eat. Go see the show at Just Another Project Space! On until Feb 26.

dirty bandits : love for sale flyer

dirty bandits : framed art prints

dirty bandits : original paintings

dirty bandits : love for sale

dirty bandits : love for sale @ just another project space

When I heard that Jim Jarmusch was directing a romantic drama with vampires starring Tilda Swinton, I obviously HAD to watch it. Screening exclusively at Cinema Nova, Only Lovers Left Alive is opulent, timeless, global eyecandy – with great music, literature and cinematic references sprinkled throughout. Did I mention Nikola Tesla is in there too? Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton make a dryly funny, stylish and melancholy couple (Adam and Eve), John Hurt is wonderful as vampire Christopher Marlowe. Gorgeous, fragile, and exquisitely shot – if you haven’t already, GO SEE THIS FILM! Thanks to Mikey for sharing it with me.