never ending : creature creature @ no vacancy gallery

Never Ending is a beautiful mix of ancient Japan, contemporary style, hip hop and skate culture. Creature Creature’s work flows gently through the space and appears on prints, decks, ply and vinyl toys. Sadly I missed the opening, but enjoyed having the gallery all to myself today. On at No Vacancy (QV) until Sunday, Feb 14 – and yes, the quarter pipe is for sale…

creature creature : a mutual whole

creature creature : lovely soul

creature creature : lovely soul (rear view)

creature creature : quarter pipe

creature creature : koi pond

creature creature : pondering om


living the dream

A sunny Saturday with one of my favorite people, both of us in tiki-fabulous attire. Buying Richie Fahey’s Waikiki Wahine at The Outre Gallery sale (in black faux bamboo frame, obviously), a new panama at Smart Alec, a wander through the Victorian Hot Rod Show, and gelato at Il Melograno. So happy…

richie fahey : waikiki wahine

astrotwitch @ moments of being : midsumma 2015

Moments of Being features six artists, exploring otherness, gender variance, wellness and intimacy – including a whole room of paintings by Astrotwitch. These portraits are large scale, empowering, and stunningly beautiful. Surround yourself with transgender/gender diverse people and celebrate their strength, journeys, words and pride. Moments of Being opened last night at Tacit Contemporary Art, and is on until 1 February 2015. Find Astrotwitch in Gallery 1.

astrotwitch : we all deserve (portrait of drew)

astrotwitch : moments of being

astrotwitch : fragile (portrait of leelah)

astrotwitch : never fit in a box (portrait of ramses)

astrotwitch : postgender (portait of precious)

astrotwitch : this has never been easy (portrait of peter)

street art now : dean sunshine’s book launch

For those who came in late, Dean Sunshine launched his new book yesterday. Street Art Now is 200+ pages of fabulous, from Australia and overseas. For those of you on Instagram, artists deets are included so you can easily follow your favourites. Just $59.95 ($104.95 International) from the Land of Sunshine website, or find it at many bookstores and galleries around town. The Silent Auction panels were amazing, with all funds raised going to charities chosen by the artists. Hard to take pics of large pieces with cider in hand (and a nearly flat phone camera – omg) but here we go – works by Smug, Conrad Bizjak, Bailer, Deb, Jack Douglas, Putos, Itch, Mysterious Al and Phoenix. Steen Jones, Sofles, Dvate, Bailer and Be Free also had panels up for auction on the night. Congratulations Mister Sunshine!

smug and sofles - street art now silent auction

conrad bizjak - street art now silent auction

street art now launch - silent auction panels : bailer, deb, jack douglas, putos, itch, mysterious al

street art now launch - silent auction phoenix panel

sticky fingers apparel street art show and brand launch

The peeps at Sticky Fingers Apparel had a launch on Saturday 25th October. If you weren’t there, you really missed out. Tees, singlets and artwork by Phoenix, Precious Little, Sitt, Marian Machismo, Barek, Dubse, Philb, Malarkey, Calm and Lifetime. Merch is also available at their online store

precious little @ sticky fingers apparel launch

calm : police line @ sticky fingers apparel launch

phoenix - ghost crate @ sticky fingers apparel launch

sitt - toxic tony @ sticky fingers apparel launch

phoenix - coloured bottles @ sticky fingers apparel launch

precious little @ sticky fingers apparel launch richmond

philb - fresh sushi @ sticky fingers apparel launch

cameron brideoake : voyager @ off the kerb gallery

Cameron Brideoake’s art takes me to exotic places, full of brightly coloured birds, lush foliage and tribal ancestors. This journey is part epic voyage, part inward gaze, all exquisitely rendered in graphite, watercolour, gouache and super sculpey. You will want to buy everything…Don’t miss his beautiful zine – a bargain at $10. Find Cameron Brideoake’s Voyager exhibition at Off The Kerb Gallery until October 31.

cameron brideoake : nevber lose your sense of wonder

cameron brideoake : watercolour leaves

cameron brideoake : voyager super sculpey

cameron brideoake : voyager @ otk

cameron brideoake : samsara

barek : tales from the sketchbook @ off the kerb gallery

Journey into Barek’s sketchbook in his first ever Melbourne solo show. Lose yourself in the arctic tundra, mysterious undersea forests and the realms of magic, home to the Sorceress, the Kelp Maiden and the Huntress. Breathtaking works across a huge range of media – paint, found objects, charcoal, posca, gold leaf, acrylic, molotow, ink, pastel and aerosol. Find Tales from the Sketchbook upstairs at Off The Kerb Gallery until October 31.

barek window : tales from the sketchbook @ OTK

Barek & Cherie Strong : Spirit Summons

Barek : Kelp Maiden

Barek : Fox Spirit Mask

Barek : Mountain Mover Floating Island

barek comes to melbourne

Barek arrives in Melbourne today, so watch out for lots of fresh pasteups! Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the things that he’s prepared for the trip. The beautiful lady with wallpaper hair is by Cherie Strong, who Barek has done some stunning collab pieces with. His solo show at Off The Kerb will be amazing – swing by the opening on Friday, October 17.

barek and cherie strong pasteups

isabella mack @ off the kerb gallery

Isabella Mack’s large scale charcoal figurative drawings are both everyday and utterly breathtaking. If you haven’t seen them yet, they will be at Off The Kerb Gallery until 18 July. I was amazed to be told that ‘Women at Home’ was drawn on the gallery wall over several hours without grid lines or an overhead projector. If you’d like to commission an Isabella Mack drawing, please speak with the staff at Off The Kerb. Find out more about the artist at

Isabella Mack : Women at Home - charcoal on wall @ Off The Kerb Gallery

Isabella Mack : Women Talking - Off The Kerb Gallery