Barek – 100 Candles Game @ Off The Kerb

Barek returns to Off The Kerb with his second solo show.

100 Candles Game is a richly detailed collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings, inspired by Japanese folklore, monsters and ghost stories. You will encounter tree spirits, water gods, shape shifting foxes, Godzilla, owls, cats and chameleons.

Linger below the Sakura tree, meet the Crystal Skull Yokai, and immerse yourself in supernatural tales.

100 Candles Game opened on Friday 9 October, and can be viewed in the front gallery space at Off The Kerb.







Astrotwitch at Contain Ya Self creative space, Footscray

Very excited to visit Contain Ya’Self this afternoon. Astrotwitch painting, Klara making a zine, lots of art on the walls already. There will be many events here between now and October – look out for the painted shipping containers by the river, right behind the Footscray Art Centre. Part gallery, part creative space, definitely worth dropping by. Here’s some work in progress shots of what Astrotwitch got up to today, a sweet portrait of Courtney Trouble. To find out what’s happening, like Contain Ya’Self on facebook.

Astrotwitch WIP - Detail Courtney Trouble portrait, Contain Ya'Self, Footscray

Astrotwitch WIP - Courtney Trouble, Contain Ya'Self Footscray

If you’d ever wondered what Surrealism looks like in 2015 (as opposed to, say, the late 1910s and early 20s), this group show is well worth checking out. If you need more convincing, SWIFT and CTRL V have work in it…On at Brunswick Street Gallery from 29 May to 11 June. Want to meet the artists? Drop by on Friday May 29, from 6-9pm.

new surrealisms @ brunswick street gallery

out back by gary gross : a pop up photography exhibition

If I wasn’t headed out of town on a road trip this week, I’d be here on Saturday afternoon.’Out Back’ will showcase the work of photographer Gary Gross, but not in the usual white walled gallery space. Instead, his prints will be pasted to a corrugated iron fence in the laneway between Mountfield and Howard Streets, Brunswick. Hosted by Brunswick Laneway Gallery, this show opens on 16 May at 3pm. On until the rain washes it away…Find out more about the artist here .

something for the rest of us : astrotwitch @ off the kerb gallery

‘Something for the rest of us’ is a celebration of identities and perspectives that are not heteronormative, cisnormative, or male. I can totally identify with these vibrant portraits, and was deeply touched to learn that one of me was to be included in the show. The acrylic/gouache/pen style you’ll recognize from Astrotwitch’s pasteups leaps from the walls, as well as wood panels, found objects and paper. If you haven’t experienced these works yet, get down to Off The Kerb Gallery. This colourful and thought provoking exhibition opened on April 30, and can be viewed until 15 May.

astrotwitch : lexi laphor door

astrotwitch : we will be

astrotwitch : works on paper

astrotwitch : detail

astrotwitch : something for the rest of us

astrotwitch : expectations

astrotwitch : zahra stardust on metail cabinet

polly hollyoak : colour and cacophony @ off the kerb gallery

How does it feel to be constantly exposed to advertising? To bright colours, lovingly rendered snack food and half remembered logos? All this and more in Polly Hollyoak’s new show. Find Colour & Cacophony upstairs at Off The Kerb Gallery, from 30 April – 15 May.

polly hollyoak : always on top

polly hollyoak: cacophany crush

craffiti : sayraphim lothian @ no vacancy fed square

Craffiti is where Melbourne’s street art scene meets soft sculpture. Sayraphim Lothian has been inspired by a very diverse group of artists, and has reinterpreted their stickers, stencils, aerosol and pasteups. There are 30+ works in the show, artists include Astrotwitch, Barek, Braddock, Dean Sunshine (Land of Sunshine), Diabolical Robot, Erin Greer, General Artist Philb, Junky Projects, Legojacker, Lifetime Sticky Fingers, Malarkey Art, Putos, Psalm, Steen Jones, Suki, and Trollz B Trollin. This thought provoking exhibition is on at the No Vacancy Project Space Federation Square until April 19. My favourite (although so hard to choose) was the Troll, after Trollz B Trollin.

troll (after trollz b trollin) : sayraphim lothian

deborah klein @ tacit art editions

Editions is on again. Celebrating Victorian based printmakers, look out for works by Tom Civil, Ying Huang and Anita Laurence. Loving these hand coloured linocuts by Deborah Klein. If you enjoy Hover Fly Winged Woman, Emergent Cicada Woman, and Spider Hunting Wasp Woman as much as I do, go see them at Tacit Contemporary Art. Editions 2015 opened on 11 February, and runs until March 1.