work in progress : makatron fitzroy

A few snaps of Makatron’s WIP at Brother Burger, Fitzroy. Seriously suave cat rocking a Carmen Miranda headdress – with a few extras, just to keep things interesting…Can’t wait to see the finished wall! Swing by and check it out, should be a bunch of folks painting there this arvo…

makatron wip - fruit hat cat mr burger, fitzroy

makatron wip - fruit hat cat fitzroy


still waiting impatiently for the new murakami

OK, getting pissed off now. On Tuesday morning TITLE emails to say my (pre-ordered in July) copy of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage has been shipped. It’s now almost lunch time Thursday. No package. Tuesday night I saw it on the shelf at Horton’s in Smith Street. Could have just sauntered by, bought the damn thing and probably half read it by now. Re-visiting the email I could be looking at 3-5 days for delivery! And its only coming from Sydney FFS! Could have saved myself $10 freight and just gone to TITLE Fitzroy, as they have it in stock. Long awaited new novel? pre-order to avoid disappointment? Oh the irony…

If you weren’t at the Old Bar on Friday night for the launch of Go-Go Sapien’s new video, you missed an amazing gig. Brilliantly supported by the D-Grades and Plague Doctor, The Panopticon is the first single from G-Go Sapien’s third album ‘Love in Other Dimensions’. If you haven’t seen these peeps live, it’s high time you did!

Very excited about Smell You Later – scent based encounters curated by Katie Lenanton for Next Wave 2014. If you’d like to experience Bill Noonan’s hacked aroma diffusers plus installations by the fabulous Grace Gamage and Olivia O’Donnell, drop by the festival venues (Melbourne, Fitzroy, Carlton, Newport AND Northcote!) between 1 and 11 May. Did I mention its free? More information at the event website. Stunning photo of Grace and Olivia is by Jessica Eucalyptus Quinnell. Mmmm…

Grace and Olivia : Jessica Eucalyptus Quinnell

I enjoyed my visit to ‘Super Naturale’ on Saturday. Jacqui Stockdale’s photographic portraits are painterly and theatrical – a real freak show assortment of characters. I love how she has combined Balinese carving with gods and superheroes from many different cultures. My favourite works are Ramagan, Selfie and Portrata de Flora, but I found the whole show compelling – in a somewhat dark and grotesque way. On until 15 April at Helen Gory Galerie, 108 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. Northcote art lovers will recall her cameo series at Open Studio as part of the Small Works Small Spaces (Northern Exposure Festival) in 2012.

nell : let there be robe @ gertrude contemporary

Nell’s much travelled ‘Let There Be Robe’ installation comes to Fitzroy. As part of it, she has covered the walls of Gertrude Contemporary with crucifixes. These are made from drumsticks and paintbrushes collected from artists, musicians and fans. The centrepiece is a Zen Buddhist style robe of AC DC t-shirts, displayed on a Converse All-Stars wearing mannequin. The pose references Bon Scott in ‘Let There Be Rock’. And yes, the expected rice offering has been replaced by a large pile of custom printed guitar picks. An interesting statement about fandom, ritual and the power of music. Part shrine, part rock n roll temple. I’m only sad that there was no AC DC playing in the gallery…Find ‘Let There Be Robe’ at Gretrude Contemporary until April 17. Read more about Nell here.

nell : let there be robe @ gertrude contemporary

nell : let there be robe @ gertrude contemporary front view

nell : let there be robe @ gertrude contemporary front detail