rummage sale @ flashback fabric this weekend

Flashback Fabric & Wallpaper are having an epic sale this weekend. Vintage trims, buttons and offcuts priced to go, fabric markdowns, and lots more fabrics at 20% off the tag price. There might be discounts on selected vintage wallpapers too…All this and more at 79 High St Northcote, this weekend only. 11-5 Saturday, 11-3 Sunday. Bring friends, bring cash!

buttons @ flashback, northcote


Introducing Henna Henna – the fabulous new single from The Bombay Royale. This song is from their upcoming second album ‘The Island of Dr. Electrico’, out next month from Hope Street Recordings. Such a sweet clip – frocktastic air hostesses, cocktails, a stolen ring, and those gorgeous bollywood sounds…Touring soon, look out for Melbourne show dates!

Eurovision 2014 belongs to Conchita Wurst of Austria. “Rise Like a Phoenix” made everyone else’s performances look terribly lacklustre. Her message of tolerance and artistic freedom is as strong and beautiful as she is. And yes, she did win both the second semi and the grand final. If that’s not a clear message, I don’t know what is…Photo is one of many by Thomas Hanses, from the official Eurovision website.

As she says,”be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else”

conchita wurst by thomas hanses

So, how did my other favourite contestants go? The Netherlands (winners of the first semi-final) came second, Ukraine 6th, Finland 11th, Poland 14th, Iceland 15th, Belarus 16th, Italy 21st, France 26th. Denmark’s soul/R&B flavoured entry (think Bruno Mars clone, but with a far less fabulous wardrobe) took 9th place.

OK, time for my second semi final roundup.There’s been a lot of hype about Israel’s Eurovision 2014 entry, but I’m just not feeling it. The singing bouncer of Norway is like tattooed sleeping pills for my ears. Georgia? Hell no. Nice of you to bring a parachutist on stage…Lithuania? Are you kidding? Thanks for the guy in leather – he’s the best part of your act. Ireland – WTF are you wearing? You look like Zena the Versace warrior princess on date night. Slovenia combines electric blue, shoulder pads, sequins and a flute with some kind of power ballad, Romania has a circular keyboard, and Greece has a trampoline. Jessica Mauboy looked far more more Eurovision than many of the contestants – five stars to her and dress designer Toni Maticevski. So – who am I liking? Poland – shaking what mama gave them, Austria – the showstopping, James Bond theme-tastic Conchita Wurst, and the pretty boys from Finland rocking out. Still loving Belarus too. FYR Macedonia’s promo clip was amazing – sadly their live performance felt a lot less fun. So happy that Poland, Belarus, Finland and Austria are all going through to the final…

Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is here! We have a very odd threesome of comperes – Nikolaj, Pilou and Lise, (I can only hope that Lise’s outfits improve over the next two nights…the glittery white one sleeved number with puffball was rather awkward) and sixteen eager competing countries. The Latvians have a cake to bake, but thankfully do not go through. The Armenian entrant reminds me of Anthony Callea, but proceeds regardless. Portugal have big drums, the hint of a wind machine, and a godawful dress on their lead singer – FAIL. Belgium is like where Andrew Lloyd Webber’s lyrics go when they have a dark moment at the therapist’s office – just no. San Marino have a giant clam, a wind machine and a crap song – OF COURSE they proceed. Hungary is devilishly cute but an up-tempo song about child abuse and domestic violence? OMFG. And yes, he is through to the next round. The Russians have the very beige blonde Tolmachevy twins (Junior Eurovision Song Contest winners from 2006). There are also acts with trapeze artistes, ice skaters, whatever. So, who am I liking amid all this? Three contestants who OMG actually qualify – Iceland, Ukraine and the Netherlands. Iceland are like the Wiggles on party drugs with a pile of Ramones records, Ukraine is hotness, a wind machine and a full-size hamster (or is that manster?) wheel, and the Netherlands are just super gorgeous in a country and western kinda way. Did I mention they are singing a really good song? Not what you’d expect from Eurovision, but I like it…Thank you Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang for a great night on SBS 1. See you tomorrow for the second semi final…

OK, so I was concerned that Eurovision 2014 was going to be super slick and the things I love about it AKA OTT fashion, eye candy, trashy europop, ridiculous lyrics (I could go on) would be sadly lacking. Thankfully there are still some diamonds in the rough. Here are some of them. Introducing Emma Marrone – Italy’s rock chick entrant, TWIN TWIN – France’s kitsch-tastic europop, the choreographed hotness of Mariya Yaremchuck for Ukraine, the superfabulous Austrian Conchita Wurst, and the irresistably catchy Teo from Belarus…

When I heard that Jim Jarmusch was directing a romantic drama with vampires starring Tilda Swinton, I obviously HAD to watch it. Screening exclusively at Cinema Nova, Only Lovers Left Alive is opulent, timeless, global eyecandy – with great music, literature and cinematic references sprinkled throughout. Did I mention Nikola Tesla is in there too? Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton make a dryly funny, stylish and melancholy couple (Adam and Eve), John Hurt is wonderful as vampire Christopher Marlowe. Gorgeous, fragile, and exquisitely shot – if you haven’t already, GO SEE THIS FILM! Thanks to Mikey for sharing it with me.