Steve Gavan @ Off The Kerb Gallery

The first time I saw the Miscreants group show, the Off The Kerb team had barely begun to hang. Even so, Steve Gavan’s vibrant digital prints caught my eye immediately. Great to see them (and some red dots) on the walls yesterday.




Barek – 100 Candles Game @ Off The Kerb

Barek returns to Off The Kerb with his second solo show.

100 Candles Game is a richly detailed collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings, inspired by Japanese folklore, monsters and ghost stories. You will encounter tree spirits, water gods, shape shifting foxes, Godzilla, owls, cats and chameleons.

Linger below the Sakura tree, meet the Crystal Skull Yokai, and immerse yourself in supernatural tales.

100 Candles Game opened on Friday 9 October, and can be viewed in the front gallery space at Off The Kerb.







something for the rest of us : astrotwitch @ off the kerb gallery

‘Something for the rest of us’ is a celebration of identities and perspectives that are not heteronormative, cisnormative, or male. I can totally identify with these vibrant portraits, and was deeply touched to learn that one of me was to be included in the show. The acrylic/gouache/pen style you’ll recognize from Astrotwitch’s pasteups leaps from the walls, as well as wood panels, found objects and paper. If you haven’t experienced these works yet, get down to Off The Kerb Gallery. This colourful and thought provoking exhibition opened on April 30, and can be viewed until 15 May.

astrotwitch : lexi laphor door

astrotwitch : we will be

astrotwitch : works on paper

astrotwitch : detail

astrotwitch : something for the rest of us

astrotwitch : expectations

astrotwitch : zahra stardust on metail cabinet

polly hollyoak : colour and cacophony @ off the kerb gallery

How does it feel to be constantly exposed to advertising? To bright colours, lovingly rendered snack food and half remembered logos? All this and more in Polly Hollyoak’s new show. Find Colour & Cacophony upstairs at Off The Kerb Gallery, from 30 April – 15 May.

polly hollyoak : always on top

polly hollyoak: cacophany crush

cameron brideoake : voyager @ off the kerb gallery

Cameron Brideoake’s art takes me to exotic places, full of brightly coloured birds, lush foliage and tribal ancestors. This journey is part epic voyage, part inward gaze, all exquisitely rendered in graphite, watercolour, gouache and super sculpey. You will want to buy everything…Don’t miss his beautiful zine – a bargain at $10. Find Cameron Brideoake’s Voyager exhibition at Off The Kerb Gallery until October 31.

cameron brideoake : nevber lose your sense of wonder

cameron brideoake : watercolour leaves

cameron brideoake : voyager super sculpey

cameron brideoake : voyager @ otk

cameron brideoake : samsara