deborah klein @ tacit art editions

Editions is on again. Celebrating Victorian based printmakers, look out for works by Tom Civil, Ying Huang and Anita Laurence. Loving these hand coloured linocuts by Deborah Klein. If you enjoy Hover Fly Winged Woman, Emergent Cicada Woman, and Spider Hunting Wasp Woman as much as I do, go see them at Tacit Contemporary Art. Editions 2015 opened on 11 February, and runs until March 1.





astrotwitch @ moments of being : midsumma 2015

Moments of Being features six artists, exploring otherness, gender variance, wellness and intimacy – including a whole room of paintings by Astrotwitch. These portraits are large scale, empowering, and stunningly beautiful. Surround yourself with transgender/gender diverse people and celebrate their strength, journeys, words and pride. Moments of Being opened last night at Tacit Contemporary Art, and is on until 1 February 2015. Find Astrotwitch in Gallery 1.

astrotwitch : we all deserve (portrait of drew)

astrotwitch : moments of being

astrotwitch : fragile (portrait of leelah)

astrotwitch : never fit in a box (portrait of ramses)

astrotwitch : postgender (portait of precious)

astrotwitch : this has never been easy (portrait of peter)

beef bulgogi @ seoul soul, northcote

Seoul Soul Northcote opened on Friday 28 March, and I enjoyed my recent lunch there. My beef bulgogi came with rice, salad, fruit and a few cocktail sized nibbles – delicious, generous, and great value at $10. I’ll definitely be back to try the bibimbap, kimchi, noodle soup, and chargrill BBQ options. Love the modern industrial fitout too. Find Seoul Soul at 315 High St Northcote (and their original premises at 323 Victoria St, Abbotsford).

beef bulgogi @ seoul soul, northcote

Do you remember Helen Addison Smith’s Forgive Me project ? Selected confessions became an art installation at Abbotsford Convent – part of the Spiritous Projects. The 2012/13 program also included works by Lyndal Walker, Yun Perez, Charlie Sublet, Jo Mott, Sissey Reyes, Jody Cleaver and Kirsty Hulm. Watch Sal Cooper’s short film for more insight into this site specific art encounter…

forgive me

Forgive Me is an intriguing art project. Part anonymous confessional, part site-specific installation. Confess your sins at Sister Connectiva's website Sister Connectivia’s website, the choicest will be printed on tea towels, repeatedly washed, and hung at the Abbostsford Convent, AKA home for wayward girls and industrial laundry. Appropriate, oui? Forgive Me will be installed early 2013, the website is live now…

music critic

Is this a comment on popular music today, or some random tirade? You decide…

I hardly think Lou Reed’s art-metal fusion collab with Metallica AKA Lulu merits that kind of response, but the Shannon Noll posters? Hmmm…

One thing’s for sure – these sharpie marker/sticky label combos are popping up everywhere.

These ones are in Johnston St, Abbotsford.

seeing red

I saw two little red words on Friday and got slightly annoyed.

In fact, I almost couldn’t believe they were there…

So here’s my point of view.

Fashion is cyclical. I was born in 1973, and everything I ever wore between 4-17(and beyond, of course) has come back on-trend at least once, worn again by people of ALL ages. There are no rules about who can wear what and when any more. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it, don’t buy it! Simple.

Billboards exist to get people’s attention and shift product. The shoe company are under no obligation to protect you from feeling outraged or offended in public space.

There is no hidden agenda or disguised anything here. I am seeing a model posed rather effectively on a chair, perfect for a boring roadside location. And a rather lovely pair of shoes…