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Eurovision 2014 belongs to Conchita Wurst of Austria. “Rise Like a Phoenix” made everyone else’s performances look terribly lacklustre. Her message of tolerance and artistic freedom is as strong and beautiful as she is. And yes, she did win both the second semi and the grand final. If that’s not a clear message, I don’t know what is…Photo is one of many by Thomas Hanses, from the official Eurovision website.

As she says,”be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else”

conchita wurst by thomas hanses

So, how did my other favourite contestants go? The Netherlands (winners of the first semi-final) came second, Ukraine 6th, Finland 11th, Poland 14th, Iceland 15th, Belarus 16th, Italy 21st, France 26th. Denmark’s soul/R&B flavoured entry (think Bruno Mars clone, but with a far less fabulous wardrobe) took 9th place.


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