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OK, so I was concerned that Eurovision 2014 was going to be super slick and the things I love about it AKA OTT fashion, eye candy, trashy europop, ridiculous lyrics (I could go on) would be sadly lacking. Thankfully there are still some diamonds in the rough. Here are some of them. Introducing Emma Marrone – Italy’s rock chick entrant, TWIN TWIN – France’s kitsch-tastic europop, the choreographed hotness of Mariya Yaremchuck for Ukraine, the superfabulous Austrian Conchita Wurst, and the irresistably catchy Teo from Belarus…


6 responses to “get ready for eurovision 2014

  1. Mark

    I’m thinking about going to watch this at Bella Union/Trades Hall

    should be fun

  2. Vetti

    hey Mark, looks like fun! Enjoy. If you blog about it, let me know? I’ll be watching all 3 nites obviously…

  3. flerdle ⋅

    Sadly I will miss it on the nights, but I’m glad to see that the spirit of Eurovision is still there…

  4. Vetti

    flerdle : it is definitely still there…love to know what you think of this year’s contestants…

  5. flerdle ⋅

    I think for insanity my favourite is Twin Twin, but the others are not far behind.

  6. Vetti

    flerdle: I love TWIN TWIN but there is more – just wait til you see the act from Iceland…

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