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Le Week-End is by turns black, frightening, hilarious, beige and fabulous. Where lovingly shot Parisian strretscapes meet long-term relationship malaise, conflict, and misunderstanding – which is exactly what I would expect from Hanif Kureshi and Roger Michell. Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan are more than convincing as Nick and Meg, while Jeff Goldblum is priceless as OTT academic Morgan. If you’re in the mood for an entertaining, occasionally uncomfortable grown-up film, go see Le Week-End. Look out for Muriel Barberry’s The Elegance of the Hedgehog (if you haven’t read it, you really must) in the opening scene. The soundtrack features Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone and Nick Drake’s Pink Moon. Screening now at Palace Westgarth.


2 responses to “le week end @ palace westgarth

  1. a little Gossip on Jeff Goldblum…his sister is an artist and during the 80’s he spent a fair amount of time hanging out in the art area of LA. He and his sister would occasionally entertain on the piano by (playing it together) with their noses

  2. Vetti

    Pasadena Adjacent: That is fabulous gossip! Wonder if he’s ever replicated the performance in any of his films?

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