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lunch @ joannes kitchen

Joanne’s Kitchen is a sweet Taiwanese-Malaysian place. Their noodles are handmade, flavours well balanced and the dishes well priced. I enjoyed the pan fried zucchini prawn dumplings and seafood noodle soup and my friend was very happy with her spring onion roti and crispy chicken. The menu looks great and I love the hand drawn illustrations. I’ll definitely be back! Find Joanne’s Kitchen at 238 High St Northcote (where Disco Beans used to be).

joanne's kitchen : seafood noodles

joanne's kitchen : menu

joanne's kitchen : prawn dumplings


About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

4 responses to “lunch @ joannes kitchen

  1. Tian ⋅

    we just moved to the north. thanks for sharing info like this. we’re malaysians, so of course gotta test it out [-;

  2. Vetti

    Tian: Welcome to the northside! Thanks for checking out my blog, let me know what you think of Joanne’s Kitchen?

  3. Tian ⋅

    heya .. unfortunately we thought the food could be better, flavour wise.

  4. Vetti

    Tian: sorry to hear that, I’ve enjoyed my several meals there and would definitely go back.

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