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in loving memory

My grandmother passed away last afternoon. Here she is with my great grandmother and my mum, at home in Ceylon…

phyllis, gracie and correne

phyllis and correne


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

7 responses to “in loving memory

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  2. nicole

    I am so sorry for your loss. I too wrote a post when both my grandmother’s passed away last year. It is surprisingly hard to put in a public forum. What an amazing photo … wonderful to have those sort of memories and objects to hold on to xo

  3. Vetti

    nicole: Thank you so much…The “three generations” has always been one of my favourite photographs…And yes, it is hard to know what to say in a public forum about these things…

  4. Cat Woods

    Fabulous photos Vet. Great way to honour your gran x

  5. Vetti

    Cat Woods: Thanks. I have much more recent pics of her, but there’s something about these that really speaks to me.

  6. Great photos and a lovely tribute, I love photos of the different generations together. So sorry for your loss, big virtual hugs for you. I can see where your sense of style comes from, that is one hell of a baby rug!!!!

  7. Vetti

    occasionalartist: Thank you, most grateful for the virtual hugs. I haven’t shared any old photos in a while, this was the perfect opportunity x

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