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Escape From New York is all kinds of 80s cult classic good times – Isaac Hayes, car mounted chandeliers, and all the cinematic oddness you’d expect from a John Carpenter film. If you need some futuristic sci fi action set in crumbling, dystopian 1997 (and who doesn’t?), GO WATCH! The cast is legendary – Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken, Lee Van Cleef as Bob Hauk, Earnest Borgnine as Cabbie, Adrienne Barbau as Maggie and Harry Dean Stanton as Brain. Oh, and Donald Pleasence as the President. Frank Doubleday appears as ghoulish lackey Romero. Costumes are amazing – the Duke’s and Maggie’s especially. Dark, cheesy and low-budget, with loads of badass, guns, cleavage and anti-heroics. Kind of like Mad Max in a walled city. So many tropes, such a great film. Five stars.


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