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matti suuronen : futuro house

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Futuro House! Great pics of Matti Suuronen’s flying saucer shaped invention at Cult of WeirdCult of Weird


5 responses to “matti suuronen : futuro house

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  2. Damian ⋅

    There’s still one out in South Morang and one out near Lorne somewhere. There used to be two at the Caribbean Gardens used for offices but are no longer there. God knows where they went to.

  3. Vetti

    Damian: Thanks! The South Morang one was at the Grand Prix Training Centre last I heard, sadly the Lorne one got burned up in the bushfires. I didn’t know about the Caribbean Gardens pair…what a strange place that is! Would have fitted right in 🙂

  4. Hi – if you are interested in more about the Futuro House check out

  5. Vetti

    Simon Robson: Hi! I certainly am – thanks for the link 🙂

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