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Welcome to Eurovision Semi Final 2 – and Petra Mede in “how does that dress work exactly?” Jean Paul Gaultier. Also hipsters (Hungary), double denim (Armenia), and guitar pyrotechnics (Albania). Israel’s dubious fishtail dress-hairdon’t – glasses combo reminded us of Skrillex (thanks T!), and twitter was a constant source of amusement. Loving the blinged up Latvians, the drum-heavy Bulgarians and the man in a box choreography of Azerbaijan. The rebetiko/ska Greek entry is high energy and wonderful. Of course, acts I like often don’t get in, so ciao to Latvia and Bulgaria. Romania was a challenge. Very Eurovision – bling, theatrics, y’know the deal, but his voice? Ouch. Countertenor does nothing for me…Thanks to whoever named Cezar “Vlad the Bedazzler”. In short, another great night!


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