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Las Calles Hablan is the story of street art in Barcelona, told by the people who paint, paste, and collage their city. Covering history, politics, tourism, galleries, paintspotters…A real insight into the motivation of these artists, their struggles with a repressive government, and a photoblogger (Katrine Knauer AKA Mapping Barcelona Public Art) who fell in love with it all. A huge list of artists took part: Vinz, Konair, Gola, Miss Van, H101, C215, Zosen, Meibol, Kenor, Kram, Btoy, Ogoch, Kafre, El Arte Es Basura, Mina Hamada, El Xupet Negre, SM172, Dase, Eledu, Debens, Aleix Gordo, Fert, Alice, Enzo & Nio, Pez, Eme, Tom14, Skount, Bombing Art, and Secle. Sit down for 56 minutes and enjoy!

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