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warming with spices

For me, chilly weather means a return to the kitchen. Time to make curries, slow cooked dishes and soups. As my background is Sri Lankan AKA Ceylonese, this means spices. I use a lot of mustard seed, fenugreek and cumin. Other pantry staples are cinnamon sticks/bark, peppercorns, coriander and cardamom. I make my own curry powder blends too. Fresh garlic, chillies and ginger are also a must-have. So good for you, and so damn delicious. Here are just some of the ingredients from today’s snake bean curry…

warming with spices

So where to buy these things? Thornbury has some great Indian grocery stores. My favourites are Just Spice (585 High St) and Guru Nanak/Spice Ka Jalwa (665 High St). Check out their fridges for kaffir lime leaves, curry leaves, and rampe AKA pandanus. Great pulses, flours and condiments too. Fresh, cheap, and fabulous…If you’re in Preston, try MKS Spices at 254 High St (near the market) and India Xpress (349 High St).

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3 responses to “warming with spices

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  2. You’re Ceylonese? Never would have picked it! I definitely have to get back into cooking this winter. My diet needs an overhaul too. The spices in your pic make me want to cook something right now!

  3. Vetti

    Kitten of Doom : Yes, it is a surprise to some people…I love the cuisine and generous hospitality that comes with it. Good luck with your diet revamp, always pleased to inspire others to cook 🙂

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