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Ten Worlds is a powerful and meditative Butoh work. The Space Between Performance Collective are exploring the ten states of being (Hell, hunger, animality, anger, humanity, rapture, learning, realisation, bodhisattva, enlightenment/Buddhahood) and the connections between people. The world these make. Existence as a tapestry/web, rich, challenging and dynamic.

Directed by Helen Smith, performed by Anna Loewendahl, Gabrielle New, Kathleen Doyle, Victoria Le Bree, and Helen Smith. The dancers interact with looms from the Australian Tapestry Workshop, as well as a giant web designed by Ellen Strasser. Paula van Beek’s lighting is most evocative, and the costumes (by Kiki Ando, Gabrielle New, Jacqueline Gwynne and Anna Lowendahl – painted finishes by Jacqueline Gwynne) are many things – earthy, austere, vibrant and animated. Think wabi febi, but prepare to be suprised as the work progresses. The Space Between Performance Collective on facebook has some great pictures…

Ten Worlds was at Dancehouse from 4-7 April, 2013.


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