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Seven Psychopaths is compelling, violent and (to me and my friend, at least) occasionally confusing. It has great one-liners, dark humour, and a style Tarantino would envy. Written, directed and co-produced by Martin McDonagh, AKA the man who gave us In Bruges. Think psycho-killer film noir LA, with a little dog-napping and dysfunctional relationship action thrown in. There are plot loops, a fabulous Carter Burwell soundtrack, and the actors? Amazing. Tom Waits plays rabbit toting Zachariah Rigby, the serial killer who only kills serial killers. Christopher Walken excells as Hans Kieslowski, the dapper dog-napper with a violent past. Colin Farrell (and his eyebrows) are Marty Faranan, who is trying to (among other things) write a screenplay called Seven Psychopaths. Sam Rockwell is scarily good as Billy Bickle, who tries to help Marty get his shit together in some rather unusual ways. Woody Harrelson plays Charlie Costello, the gangster who wants his Shih Tzu back…at any cost. The screenplay within a screenplay thing really works, as do the gags about violence, the sharp dialogue, and the cliche ridden action. the female characters could have been more prominent, but apart from that? Loved it, laughed a lot. Like tha man said…it has layers. Go see it!

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