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paintwork : tim maughan

Paintwork is a superslim book, but there are so many ideas within its hundred or so pages. Sci-fi, with a good twist of cyberpunk, which makes me super happy. Tim Maughan writes about video gamers, street artists, robots, celebrities, and a future which is almost here. Paranoia, computers, and battles both on and off the screen. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?

paintwork : tim maughan


2 responses to “paintwork : tim maughan

  1. Thanks – so glad you enjoyed it!

    Plus this place looks very interesting, going to have a little nose around…

  2. Vetti

    Tim Maughan: I’m rather fond of cyberpunk and street art, so your book = a must read…Looking forward to checking out more of your work! Thanks for dropping by…

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