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u can’t touch this

In hammer related news, I am excited that the new owners of Biz Buzz (AKA the Rex Paine Mitre 10 building) are not only keeping the neon sign, but are also going to restore it.

Biz Buzz was specially made for the Paine family’s hardware store by Claude Neon. It had a series of illuminated outlines, which suggested a hammer in motion. This iconic sign has not worked for around 9 years, and I’m looking forward to seeing it lit up again. What I didn’t know until recently, was that the Paines had other Biz Buzz stores, a hammer atop each one. All are now gone, except Thornbury’s.

Visit the Biz Buzz hammer at 685 High Street, Thornbury. Sadly, the hardware store is now closed.


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7 responses to “u can’t touch this

  1. oelare ⋅

    oh bugger the store is closed. I had something to return that didn’t fit. sigh. When did it close up?

  2. flerdle ⋅

    oh no, sad they’ve closed. That was where I got my 4-wheel deluxe vinyl nonna-style shopping trolley from, the only place I know of that sold them (in a large range, too!). They were very helpful, and will be missed. But I’m glad the hammer is staying.

    For old-school hardware, you can’t beat Charalambous Hardware at 836 Sydney Rd Brunswick. Go visit, and buy stuff you didn’t even know existed!

  3. Vetti

    oelare: April 10, I think

  4. Vetti

    flerdle: Yes, they were lovely, and had been there 70+ years. Sadly since Bunnings opened they weren’t making much $. Now I don’t think Thornbury has a hardware store 😦 And yes, Charalambous rocks!

  5. Vetti

    For anyone who came in late, I LOVE hardware stores – especially old ones. Before moving to Northcote, I lived in a light-filled cream brick apartment in Hawthorn East, and frequented Chalmers Hardware in Auburn Village.

  6. Adam

    I run the “Melbourne Neon” website and am wondering what your sources might be or if you have any further information about the specifics?

    You can email me if you wish. I’d love to update the website if possible, as well as keep track of this exciting development.

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Vetti

    Adam: Hi, thanks for dropping in, and for your useful and enjoyable website! Will be in touch.

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