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car park crush

I love the juxtaposition of the sentiments on the wall and the HATEU vanity plates on the yellow car. Was it random or intentional?

Franklin St car park, opposite Blender Studios.

About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

4 responses to “car park crush

  1. Hi! I really love your website. As a fellow Melbournian (I’m in East Melb) it’s so good that someone is documenting some of the amazing art and spaces around.

    On a similar note, a friend of mine has started a Facebook page on Typefaces and Fonts around Melbourne. You should totally submit some pics!

  2. love the literate; hate the bomb art (years of that crap in LA). I did find this site through twitsville

    That ought to thrill your mock blogger. Time to call Homeland Security; add that to our “war on drugs” and “war in the middle east” and the recession (like we have time and money on our hands to go after wheat paste artist’ too)

  3. Vetti

    Pasadena: hi – I totally agree, there are loads of artistic and literate types who I love, also loads of people who create things I have no time for at all…Let’s pick our battles and go after the high-priority stuff, right?

  4. Vetti

    Big Nothings: Hi, thanks so much! I’ll certainly check out your friend’s fb page, sounds great! What a super blog you have – will be back for another look soon…

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