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be free – northcote

I met this little lady and her card cascade on High Street Northcote yesterday…

Thanks Be Free!

About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

17 responses to “be free – northcote

  1. lw ⋅

    litter. pure and simple. just blow away and go down the drain into the bay.

  2. your community is full of little surprises on every turn

  3. Vetti

    lw: How tedious…If you don’t like it, why are you here?

  4. Vetti

    Pasadena: Yes! You’d love it – lots of fresh work popp;ing up everywhere at the moment 😀

  5. lw ⋅

    I am here to monitor how my community is being littered by fwits like this fool who has dropped a packet of cards on the street. It’s littering. It will blow away and make a mess and someone else will have to pick it up.

    You call my attitude ‘tedious’. I call it being a responsible citizen. And it’s lucky there are still people like me in Northcote who go about picking up and fixing up all crap that people like you leave behind.

  6. Vetti

    lw: now let’s get this straight – the cards are glued down, they’re not my work, so quit this “people like you” rant, ok? I don’t litter the streets of my suburb either. Again, if you don’t like the content I post, why are you here?

  7. lw (sweaty) ⋅

    “Again, if you don’t like the content I post, why are you here?”

    Well like I said before, to monitor the vandalism of my community that you have so willingly promoted.

    Anyway things are changing. Instead of your blog being a vehicle for vandals to promote their work, it is now a depository of their crimes.

    With hundreds of screen shots from your site taken today and with all the information you have collected about the identity of these people, you (maybe unwittingly) and I are now going to assist the authorities in apprehending these people.

    You have done a great deed Vetti. The people of Northcote (other than the vandals) thank you.

  8. Vetti

    lw: if you wanted to start an angry blog about how you disapprove of street art, you could have easily done so without commenting on my blog. I do not wish to be associated with anything you do or say, now, or in the future.

  9. hannyb ⋅

    Hi Vetti, very sorry to hear about your stalker! I think you handled these comments superbly.

  10. Vetti

    hannyb: Hi! Thank you so much.

  11. BT Cassidy ⋅

    lw, you are uninformed, the playing cards are firstly affixed to where they are, the wall is made more attractive and the community see a new idea- you are the only negative response I’ve read to this artists work, and it comes off as a bigoted rant. Crime- ffs, 98% of reported sex offenders get off scott free, lend your weight to the sexual assault victims cause. And “your” community”? You’re part of it, you don’t own it. Get some perspective- Fuck wits? Artists, you dick- ever wondered why his stuff stays up so long?

  12. HA HA!! Sweaty from anger.

  13. Vetti

    BT Cassidy: Hello and welcome! Totally agree, thanks for visiting

  14. Vetti

    earthdiedscreaming: probably…your blog is fabulous! keep up the good work!

  15. Rai

    Thank you for displaying this. I think it’s great. I live locally and enjoy the ambits of our artists. Your troll was slightly amusing; they should take their act on the road.
    love and Chocolates

  16. Vetti

    Rai: Thank you! I feel very fortunate to live here and be surounded by so much art. Your site looks interesting, I must return for another look!

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