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merry maid laundry/ironing sprinkler

This sweet thing was given to me recently, and I was most excited. Never seen one before, didn’t know what she was, etc. After a little searching on the interwebs, I now know she is a 1950’s Merry Maid water dispenser. Made by Reliance (USA), these ladies can be filled with water and shaken onto your clothes. From back in the day, when irons had no inbuilt spray/mist feature, and trigger style spray bottles were yet to be invented…

Thank you so much B (and B’s Nan, who this once belonged to) – she has moved into my laundry, and looks great on my sunny windowsill!


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5 responses to “merry maid laundry/ironing sprinkler

  1. my mum’s was green.
    prior to this twee advance in home maintenance styling, ‘housewives’ recycled tomato sauce bottles, making holes in the metal screwtop for sprinkling.
    ah The Olden Days.

  2. Ann O’Dyne: I saw a pistachio green one at Chapel St Bazaar last week, was tempted to buy my sunny yellow lady a friend…I remember the recycled bottles too – my great aunt K (dressmaker extraordinaire) used a waisted one that fitted nicely into the hand.

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  4. never have seen one of these gals..btw: wrong season for snow?

  5. Vetti

    Pasadena: I hadn’t either until B gave this one to me! WordPress gives the option of snow on your blog each festive season, I’m kitsch enough to dig that – even though its summer here…

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