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zero history: william gibson

This is utter brilliance! As always, William Gibson’s attention to detail is amazing. I felt compelled to read slowly, so not to miss anything. I also felt compelled to read in small chunks, so my adrenal glands wouldn’t go into complete overdrive…

Zero History incorporates storylines and characters from two previous books – Pattern Recognition and Spook Country. Think locative art, expensive rehab, secret brands and military contractors, all swirled through a post-crash economy. With a few rock musicians and exotic hotel rooms thrown in. Did I mention the remote controlled silver penguin or the denim fetishism?

It’s by turns eerie, edge of your seat, and thought provoking – but always finely balanced, with a cutting edge sensibility. Defense led consumption, constant surveillance, espionage, all hitting your brain at hyperspeed. Sinister semiotic cyberpunk, where viral marketing and brand perception can be brutal. Having said all that, you’ll also find an offbeat sense of humour, and the sheer magnificence of Gibson’s gaze. In short, I love it.

If you need further convincing (as if), check out the promotional footage!


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2 responses to “zero history: william gibson

  1. May I borrow your copy pretty please?

  2. fitzroyalty: You may! You have, I trust, read the two previous books? If not, I can supply them all…

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