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phoenix the street artist: sniders lane, melbourne

I love the fact that so much street art is easy strolling distance from both my workplace and my home – and a thousand places in between…

Today in Sniders Lane. It’s raining, kitchen staff are filling dumpsters, and bedraggled hipsters are trying to light cigarettes. I’m on tiptoes, looking for a milk crate to stand on. Oh, and keeping an eye out for delivery trucks, so I don’t get t-boned.

Planet bombs and band-aids

Check out Phoenix at his flickr, or visit his Facebook page.

Phoenix is everywhere! Did you see these in Hosier Lane? or these?


About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

8 responses to “phoenix the street artist: sniders lane, melbourne

  1. phoenix ⋅

    More great pics, Vetti. Love your work.

  2. phoenix: Thank you! Finding these was the perfect after-work treat…

  3. phoenix ⋅

    i’m creating corridors of phoenixity thru the city – along one of them you can continue from snyder/drewery down caledonian to find a big planetbomb angst in an alcove within the large murals half way along – and then down union lane for hard nut to crack and no war face.
    but there’s more.. on the way..

  4. phoenix: Superfantastic! Looking forward to seeing more of your art round town…

  5. this paste art gets better and better. Must be the competitive spirit at work

  6. Pasadena: There’s so many people making street art, you would love it here! Something new appears every day, pretty much…

  7. phoenix ⋅

    pasadena.. I like to think its the complementary spirit at work: like complementary colours – work shines when it complementing the works of other artists – when it complements the streetscape and the urban atmosphere.

    there certainly is plenty of competitive spirit out there but its darker side can lead to territorialism, destruction, and even annihilation of other people’s works. this is an unfortunate and unnecessary lowest common denominator – through which many of my works are mindlessly destroyed.

    just like the world we share, art thrives when it is about happy coexistence, cooperation, synergy and complementarity.

    but you sure are right.. paste art rocks!!

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