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shedfest 2: blue hawaii & joe vs the volcano

A little rain won’t stop cinema buffs having fun…Last night some of the Backyard Cinerama gang got together, again hosted by the amazing Miss A. Imagine a garage, with tiki lounge styling, off a cobblestone laneway, showing films carefully chosen for your enjoyment – and you have Shedfest 2. Old friends, new friends, and two films…

Blue Hawaii 60s classic, Elvis style – this time with a totally OTT Angela Lansbury…The plot’s paper-thin, with song and dance routines a-plenty. Girls, romance, temper tantrums and beautiful scenery (automotive, Honolulu and Kauai). See at least 14 Elvis songs, super lavish costumes, all in glorious Technicolour. Roland Winters wishing he had his son’s beachboy lifestyle (and not his marriage to AL), Joan Blackman as love interest Maile, and lots of terrible acting. Why wouldn’t you watch this?

Joe vs the Volcano Part grim existentialism (Metropolis anyone?), part 90s fantasy comedy. Meg Ryan playing all the female roles, Lloyd Bridges, eccentricity, orange soda, and great music. One man’s journey from heroism to hypochondria and back again. Great cameo from Ossie Davis as the wise chauffeur. Recurring themes, Tom Hanks, appealing, but I can totally see why this passed me by on original release.

Thanks to Miss A for being hostess with the mostest yet again! So loving your work, and all the effort you put into the decor. Five stars!


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

3 responses to “shedfest 2: blue hawaii & joe vs the volcano

  1. i loved those 2 movies 🙂

  2. bookjunkie: Blue Hawaii is a particular favourite of mine – I was interested in some of the themes within Joe, but probably not enough to watch it again. Won’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Blue Hawaii 🙂

  3. I rewatched Joe vs the volcano but got bored (guess it got a bit dated) but I really wanna rewatch Blue Hawaii.

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