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annoying food journalism and the estelle, northcote: part 2

As I’ve said before, The Estelle was fabulous when it opened, and is still fabulous now. Sadly, the quality of writing about this fine establishment (in the print media, I hasten to add) hasn’t improved. Take a look at today’s Epicure.

Nina Rousseau has obviously decided the only way to describe the restaurant’s Northcote setting is “an inner-city vegetarian heartland” , so she suggests that the focus on fine meats is a “bold choice”, titles the review “worth a butcher’s”, and her only quote from co-owner Greg Amor is “we wanted to serve a lot of meat products”. Oh, and she also notes the decor similarities between The Estelle and a butcher’s shop. Come on, you’re hardly stretching yourself here, especially as this article had already appeared in the Northcote Leader in 2009…


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4 responses to “annoying food journalism and the estelle, northcote: part 2

  1. I’ve had a few articles written about myself and it happens just like this. It’s really all about the writer

  2. Pasadena: Me too. What is it with writers who string cliches together rather than actually think up an angle and construct a good article?

  3. Hmm, journalists are rarely capable of the thought required to write something original…

  4. fitzroyalty: so true, maybe it’s time to get more selective about what I’m reading…

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