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christopher headley

I went to Craft Victoria yesterday to see Adam Cruikshank’s Reverse Cargo. Y’know, the show where he reinvents the IKEA pencil into modern totems? Anyhoo, I was far more entranced by the ceramic figurines in gallery 1.

Christopher Headley is part of a show called Divertissement. His installations deal with issues of place – how we relate to the landscape, how we move across it, and how connected we are to it. There is a fair amount of humour involved, and the installations include ink jet photographs, books, eucalyptus mulch, an inflated paddling pool, rock salt, and adobe. His ceramic figurines are wonderfully detailed, some of them photographed alongside Gaudi’s landmark constructions (the Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia, from memory). Look out for the adobe caravans, lizard/kangaroo headed men, and other visual delights…

This immensely talented individual has been practising as a ceramic artist for aprox 30 years, this show is a great opportunity to see some of his recent work. He is collaborating with Darren McGinn, who has some interesting things to say about urban sprawl and it’s impact on human identity. On until 5 March, and well worth a look.


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