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Once, it was a Thai restaurant, with a large chilli shaped sign out the front. I never went inside. Now, it is a much more welcoming space, with the cutest yellow booths in Northcote. I have lunched here twice in two days, and will certainly return!

Chowhound is brought to us by 4 ex-Nudel Bar folks (the three original owners, and their long-time chef), and the food is lovely. So far, I have tried the green soba salad with salmon, ginger and avocado, the prawn dumplings, and the coconut/palm sugar pancake. Everything was delicious, beautifully presented, and superfantastic. My friend greatly enjoyed the soba today, and her lemon curd pavlova looked amazing (and disappeared very quickly).

Today’s dessert.

Coffee is good, service is friendly/unobtrusive, and there’s just the right amount of air conditioning for a warm afternoon. In short, if you haven’t been, do go!

Find Chowhound at 235 High Street Northcote.


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

7 responses to “chowhound

  1. I’m curious about the coconut/palm sugar pancake

  2. Pasadena: a delicious Nyonya/Nonya dessert (think Chinese Malay/Indonesian/Portugese/Eurasian fusion cuisine, with exquisite use of herbs and spices). A South Malaysian style sweet pancake made with coconut milk. The pancake’s green colour comes from the pandan juice in the batter. Rolled around a filling of palm sugar, coconut milk, and lots of grated coconut, served with two sauces – I’m guessing a palm sugar and spice reduction, and a pandan paste reduction? If you google kuih dadar, you will get a similar recipe…

  3. jackson ⋅

    mmmmm… i have been here once…. hmmmm.. a little disappointing … i am a fan of the nudel bar( while and after the gang had split) so i thought id go and see what the other half were up to.. it was a little surprising. I noticed that nothing had changed.. they have and are just ripping the nudel bar off and reproducing it north from the city.. with out any worry that some people might actully make an effort to go ll the way there to find that they are eating the nudel bar food BUT.. only worse.. there is a reson why dure dara worked in the nudel bar.. and that was standard.. there aint no standard here.. wakey wakey hands on your own snakey ..

  4. jackson: I’ve been four or five times, food and service have always been very good. I’m a longtime fan of the Nudel Bar, and am pleased that some of the gang have moved northside…

  5. jamie ⋅

    Only been for breakfast so far. Wok frieds eggs absolutely delicious as are the kippers. So refreshing to have something different than poached eggs or baked eggs. friendy service.

  6. jamie: I’ve had many lunches and dinners there, looking forward to breakfast! Yours sounds fabulous…

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