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the man from hong kong

Last night’s cinerama patrons were treated to an Ozploitation classic. Without exaggeration, The Man From Hong Kong is a supercharged action adventure, 70s style. Burning cars, martial arts, bad fashion and hang-gliding make this film a must see! George Lazenby and Wang Yu star in this roller coaster of a show. Look out for stuntman Grant Page and his ripped pants, George Lazenby on fire (no stunt double!), Frank Thring, and Rebecca Gilling in the buff… Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, you’ll see make-out action, crude ocker humour (aka racism), Valiant Charger carnage and superbad crimelords…Listen for Jigsaw’s hit Skyhigh! Thrill to the best Aussie car-chase action pre Mad Max! Toyota Crown fireball at Ayers Rock! Snappy dialogue? Fan-bloody-tastic! Top class choreography and cinematography too.

Equal to any vintage James Bond picture. If you’ve never seen a genre film that contains Australian everything: locations, actors, accents, you HAVE to watch this one. Forget Oscar-chasing “period classics” like Breaker Morant and Picnic at Hanging Rock, this is Australian film kicking serious goals. How serious? When Quentin Tarantino (long-time Ozploitation junkie) introduced the Australian premiere of Kill Bill, he dedicated it to…Brian Trenchard-Smith.

Re-released by Madman, this Aussie/HK production is a digitally remastered delight. $20 well spent! I will be watching this again and again. Five stars.

Watch Q&A with Brian Trenchard-Smith here!

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