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Found in an outer eastern suburb yesterday. If the whole place still looked like this (instead of some anonymous 80s-90s repro renovation) it would totally rock. The photos aren’t my best work, but avoiding roaming packs of bogans was my first priority…

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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

10 responses to “mall-tastic

  1. gizo

    Go on admit it the Boronia Mall sinks it’s stylish claws into your soul and tugs at all your inner bogan senses. I know where you have been!(using my creepy bogan slasher film voice, hang on there should have been a “mate” tacked onto the end of that).

    Yeah, us modern people who returned to the area we grew up in like to think that our hometown has successfully intergraded all facets of styles and periods in Mall architecture to create an appeal that can reach every age, demographic or budget imaginable…………or it could be complete balls.

    You be the judge.

  2. kym

    hey gizo said!
    That was my comment you bastard!
    changing my reply details, what next? Putting your name to my award winning novel?

    geeze, that really chaps my ass!!!

    ass chapped!

  3. gizo and kym: what type of mall architecture are the weird shade structures in the Dorset Square carpark? And the seats beneath? Hmmm…

    I’m annoyed I never got to see the Electra Cinema in all its ’50s Mexicana themed glory, now THAT sounds classy!

    20 min “between trains” at Ringwood that day, and got “d’ya have any bogan in you…do ya want some?” Stylish? I don’t think so…

  4. kym

    Er…………i was only bluffing.

  5. kym

    20 minute “between trains?” Don’t you mean “a slab between tains?!”.

  6. kym: if there was anywhere decent to have a few, I would have…but there isn’t.

  7. Joffa ⋅

    Just fit in, sinking a slab on the train station platform over 20 mins is quite normal for r’wood…

  8. Joffa: you’d know, having lived there…the beverage of choice that day was either cruisers or rtd bourbon and coke. I’d rather eat my own hair…

  9. roaming packs of bogans?

    Funny how in the 50’s Australia design was mining Mexico While the US was plundering through Polynesia.

    Crazy for that ceramic wall piece

  10. Pasadena: yes, that design fact does intrigue me…the ceramic wall piece is fabby tho. other places were plundered by Aust designers/architects, will try and post some pics for you soon!

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