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urban donkey bicycle exhibition

If you’ve ever despaired that generic bike style (the lycra, the colours, the horror) is all pervasive, this is your ideal gallery show. The irrepressible Matt B has built a roomful of one-off bikes, each with it’s own style and personality. All his creations are made from found or donated parts, and would be ideal for your next festival appearance, photo shoot, film or display. I was lucky enough to meet him yesterday, and found his energy and enthusiasm most infectious.

Matt’s bikes are on display (alongside paintings by Johnny K) at Synergy Gallery, until November 29. Stroll by, and be inspired!

Look out for these bikes of awesomeness:

Mad Max – the grunginess of cobweb draped skeletal shapes is mesmerising
Lawnmower – think astroturf meets vintage mower, with a bike frame as the go-between
The Cloud – “if god existed and lived in Northcote, this is what I believe he would ride” – a bmx symphony of polystyrene, dacron, and shagpile
Steering Wheel – what it is
Flower Power – it began with a floral banana seat…
Gelati – multi-hued pastel delight, 1940s style

Find Synergy Gallery at 253 High Street, Northcote.

Matt B on the front cover of the Northcote Leader this week!

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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

6 responses to “urban donkey bicycle exhibition

  1. Pasadena: you would love this show, and it’s focus on upcycling free materials…Matt B rocks!

  2. Melinda Barrie ⋅

    Wow! man your bike exhibition was awesome – I like the fact you re-used ruined preloved, but discarded bicycle parts and giving them a second chance – reminds of the program at CERES


  3. Melinda Barrie: yes, the bikes (and Matt B)are fabulous! If you want to get in touch with Matt, email Synergy Gallery or write on the FB wall of URbAn DoNKEy-bicycle exhibition.

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