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luchador shiraz 2007

The labels says

“Luchador function: noun. Usage: Spanish word. 1) fighter 2) wrestler 3) a wine that will body slam your tongue. Inferno loves crab cocktail, tangerines, and Baked Alaska. His favourite scent is Heiress. Prefers Roumier to Rousseau.”

This South Australian wine is a spicy, smooth drop that tastes of dark purple fruit. A big, classic, Barossa shiraz from Chris Ringland at R Wines. The sort of wine made for a matador. Soft to finish, with hints of oak and chocolate. You’ll wonder at how quickly it disappears. The label is designed by Morning Breath (go to samples and select #3), and it hits all the right notes. We drank ours with blanched broccoli and asparagus, tossed in garlicky rocket pesto, and grilled prawns with lemon and pepper. What you do with yours is your call. Just make sure you saunter by Joe and Ross at Westgarth Licensed Groceries and pick up a few. Look out for the Mexican wrestling mask on the label…

Read more about Luchador here.

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2 responses to “luchador shiraz 2007

  1. I see Morning Breath appreciates my neighbors to the south (Mexican wrestling masks).

  2. Pasadena: the labels are gorgeous, the wine well-crafted, and there’s a whole set of wrestlers to collect!

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