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connect 7: nmit graduate show

This is your last chance to see a NMIT Greensborough Product Design/Jewellery Graduate show. Sadly, this Diploma course has been ‘retired’. Visual Arts at NMIT has already ceased offering sculpture and ceramics courses, and it looks like the economic rationalist monster is still on the prowl. On a much brighter note, the work on display is interesting, vibrant, diverse, and seriously lust-worthy.

Connect 7 can be found at Off The Kerb, 66B Johnston St, Collingwood, until November 27th. Extra points awarded for providing both a price list AND mini books about the artists (bio, images, contact info – why don’t more people do this?).

I was particularly impressed with the following:
Natasha Kockoski – Drug Rattle, To The Saddest Girl In The World Medal, Deathrocker, and Moo Moo Anatomy: quirky, blackened copper wondrousness!
Samantha Phillips – Peru: brightly coloured yarn wrapped/fringed rings, some with bead detailing, Elasto Necklace, Elasto Bracelet
Aaron Azzopardi – Needle and thread: neckpiece of knotted red threads, anchoring metal rings. Everyday magic!

As often happens, the majority of the works I love are not for sale. However, I am encouraged to know that these seven final graduates are out there, working on other equally memorable pieces.

Check out the Connect 7 blog here.

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