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mint: nmit graduate jewellery exhibition

This show includes a variety of fine jewellery, silversmithing, and enamelwork (from 35 graduates), and the majority of the pieces are for sale. I sauntered through with a jewellery afficionado far more experienced than moi, and found many items most interesting.

Sadly I could not take a price list with me, and was more focussed on the works than on note-taking. Here’s my (incomplete) list of people/pieces to look out for:

Priscilla Daffen – stunning and thought provoking work, especially the tiara
Helen Mouratidis – beautifully textured rings
Josephine Gaetani
Deeana Michela – hauntingly delightful fob pendants
Tom Malchi – artifacts inspired by ancient civilisations
? – cameos
? – medal ribbon

I apologise profusely for the vagueness – will attempt to return this week and tidy this list up. Not being able to remember names and titles of works is most irritating…

Visit the exhibition blog, and watch the slideshow. Photography is by the immensely talented and perceptive Terrence Bogue

Check out the Northcote Leader’s article (11/11/09) – but ignore the opening date. Mint opened to the public on November 13, and closes on November 21. Find it at the rear of Northcote Town Hall, in Studio 1.


Take 2 – Returned Monday 16/11 with arty gal pal and my notebook. Here is my list of utterly amazing makers and pieces to look out for:

Priscilla Daffen: talismanic pieces to delight! Bunnyfish Belt, Scythe, and Tiara
Helen Mouratidis: Nest #1 – oxidised ring with garnets and granulated silver, also her Stamp silver cast series
Tom Malchi: artifacts with great energy and resonance! Port Ring with epidote, Port Ring with smithsonite
Gregory Matheson: bold and unforgettable! Onyx and silver cameos, It’s Not You, It’s Me ring (includes a Australian silver florin), and the amazing Medal for Misguided Triumphs In Self Reflection
Deeana Michela: Fables fob pendants, containing whole forests of haunting silhoutte trees
Adrian Sebastini: Stuck On You scotch cellulose tape brooch
Josephine Gaetani: Spray brooch


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7 responses to “mint: nmit graduate jewellery exhibition

  1. Paul ⋅

    While we’re pimping jewellery, check out my friend’s girlfriend Carly’s Etsy store at — some very cute stuff. She also just won the Kaiserman prize — her work is the first one on this page:

    Way cool.

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  3. Paul: hi! Love Breanna Timmins’ fob watch in the Kaiserman

    Melbourne Jeweller: I hope to return today and finish this post. Am hoping to get to Connect 7 this week too

    Pasadena: it makes a statement – did you watch the slideshow?

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  5. Thank you for your wonderful review!
    And thank you to everyone for taking the time out to see our show.

  6. Deeana Michela: So lovely to hear from you! Show was amazing, have been twice, and both times I found new things to appreciate.

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