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studio vetti: etsy store open!

Hi blogpals! Feel like a spot of shopping? Wonder what Studio Vetti is all about? Scroll down to the friendly orange etsy button, click, and you’re there! So far, I have listed 14 vintage collages, each one unique and proudly made in Northcote. More pics and artwork on the way.


Thank you bouquets to everyone who encouraged me to do this! I truly love you all.

Vetti x


About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

7 responses to “studio vetti: etsy store open!

  1. livebird

    Noice! Good luck!

    I hear the trick with etsy is to load something new very frequently, so you’re always in the first few pages when people are browsing a category….

  2. livebird: Thank you! Nifty tips always welcome 🙂 Hope to list a few more items this week…

  3. kimmiegirl ⋅

    They look great Vetti! Just might have to venture over your side of town to have a look

  4. kimmiegirl: Hello and thank YOU! Seems a long time since we’ve met – if you’re coming to Northcote, let me know when, would love to catch up! x

  5. lisalesa

    I too have a store.
    I love this community.
    Your work is glorious!
    Best wishes to you

  6. lisalesa: Thank you! I’m hoping to get back into my studio and make some more next week…Will swing by your store and check it out. Good luck!

  7. lisalesa

    To date…
    No sales but I did make it on Editors Picks!
    (On Feb 25)
    What a rush!
    Take care.

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