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mark strizic

My favourite photographer has another brilliant show at Gallery 101 on Collins Street. A City in Transition is a celebration of fifties and sixties Melbourne – beautiful silver gelatin images of the everyday.You’ll see billboards, window shoppers, fabulous frocks, and more.

Mark Strizic has been exhibiting since 1958, and his photgraphs a vital part of Melbourne – A Portrait (published 1960). I was lucky enough to find a copy recently, and adore it. Leonard French designed the cover, David Saunders’ text is wondrous, and the images? Ahhh…

A bit difficult to see, but Junior is selling some pretty swell magazines – Naturist, Photoplay, Peep, Man, Milady – and that’s just the top two rows! He’s sitting on the steps of a Swanston Street bank, near Little Bourke.


The gallery show closes today – if you can, do saunter in for a look. Read more about Mark Strizic here…


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