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…well, for the moment. Here’s some happy snaps.



The sweet peas are beginning to twine, and the lettuces are looking very charming too. We hope the guava will set fruit, and there’s a fine show of chillies, basil, and verbena.

Thistle Do for now,



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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

6 responses to “dunroamin’

  1. eroica ⋅

    beautiful shots.
    can we have one of the guava plant? (tree? shrub? vine? i don’t think i’ve seen them growing)

  2. eroica: thanks sweet! i have a strawberry guava tree, fruits are purplish-red,tart, and marble sized. you can also get what my folks call china guavas, which are yellow, and aprox 5cm diameter. pineapple gauvas/feijoa are the green oval shaped ones,aprox 8cm long. all are great as jelly or jam, but superb straight from the tree. will take a pic of guava tree for you. i have a few tamarillos ripening also, and a nice crop of chives and spring onions on the way. x

  3. My grandmother had a Cherry Guava tree in her yard and I have been looking for one since. I’m getting ready to plant vegetables. Unfortunately I’m getting a late start for our spring.
    I wish your plants well

  4. Pasadena: my grandparents had two guava trees in their yard, i have happy memories of picking and eating in the sun. my best for your spring garden…

  5. eroica ⋅

    no photos of the tamarillos thanks, very allergic to those.

  6. eroica: came home from mr joffa’s folks laden with tomatoes, passionfruits, and rainbow chard tonight. will be gardening tomorrow, and taking pics of the guava tree for you 😀

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