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pulp fiction

Back from my holiday in the sun… Having just told the charming reading hacks where I like to read, here’s some of my new fave covers.




If you’re in the neighbourhood of Swifts Creek (past Bruthen, between Ensay and Omeo), swing by The Club. Peter Gardner hangs out on the Great Alpine Road, among 40,000+ secondhand books. And they are fabulous! One of the best secondhand bookstores I’ve visited.

Swifts Creek is also home to great burgers – check out Creekers Cafe.The lot, with beetroot, tastes great. Oh, and their kiddie size dinette set is sweet too. Green laminex with white piping, with chrome to die for.


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

5 responses to “pulp fiction

  1. Your making me hungry (but the drives a bit to far for me). Calling MrCallaghan..genius

  2. I used to love that old image from The Saint – I’m sure my grand-dad had a load of those books

  3. Pasadena Adjacent: there’s more! a bit more recent, but probably the trashiest book at orbost op-shop

    fidgetrainbowtree: yeh – I grew up reading these, and so love the lush cover art.

  4. jonathan

    Absolute gems.

    I love that Cheyney is an “acknowledged master in the tough, tense tradition”, although I’m not sure if that means he writes in the “tough & tense” genre, or if the genre he writes in happens to be a tough and tense one.

  5. jonathan: i wondered if you’d notice that…Cheyney had 15 years as a novelist before his death, and wrote more than 30 books in this time. that’s a lot of hardboiled detectives and hard-living beauties with dangerous curves. sounds pretty tough to me!

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