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anti-terrorism tango

Don’t know about you, but newspapers full of terrorist attacks on Mumbai (and everywhere else), overloaded social services, and ripped off folks have got me thinking. I figure the world needs a new dance, and a new dream.

The only answer to terrorism, mean-arse governments, and suchlike is to mobilise around what counts – good, safe homes, independence, education, reliable public transport…a safety net for the tough times, the space to speak your mind, a government that listens and acts, clean running water. You name it, some folks don’t got it.

How? Work hard, party harder. Spend some of your $$$ on a trip to Mumbai/Tibet/wherever, and show those no-good religiousniks that everyone getting a share is better than bloodshed or more cashola in the hands of a few wealthy folks. Make those cash registers sing! For more, click here.


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4 responses to “anti-terrorism tango

  1. ash

    Yes.. it’s horrible isn’t it. I was watching Lateline the other night and Tony Jones had done a live interview with an Aussie guy stuck in one of the hotels. It was so horrible I actually felt physically sick. Something about knowing that the guy’s life was in extreme danger the very moment he was on his mobile having a chat to the media.. it was a difficult thing to comprehend and deal with.

    It’s all so bizarre. And I have no idea what the solution to this one is, other than just travel domestically if you want a holiday.. I’m not really sure if I buy into the whole ‘if we don’t travel overseas, we’re succumbing to the terrorists’ line. Personally I’d rather just stay alive.

  2. ash: I get the same feeling

    My point? The folks in the middle of all this need our support. If you don’t want to travel there right now, blog about the situation, donate, buy products from the area, plan a future trip.

  3. m1k3y

    zealotry is the enemy.. sadly it dominates politics today

    to mis-quote Ben Franklin: “I believe in Moderation. and anyone that disagrees can die”

    it’s good to remember that some countries aren’t quite as evil as the Media would have us believe. take Iran: 😉

    when I’m a bit more solvent I planning on loaning out my spare ca$h with

  4. m1k3y: yeh – I’m so fine with folks various religions, but when they start wanting to kill people or ignore their basic human rights? nope.

    bizarre – was just looking @ kiva when you commented – will definitely be getting on board.

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