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sticky moments

Finding myself in town with time up my sleeve, I headed for Sticky Institute. I’ve never got out of there without a few zines and a badge or two, and today was no exception. What did I buy?

Six Magnetic Poems: remember magnetic fridge poetry? Ok, now make a collage of vintage images, then overlay with your poetic creation. I love this! Tres magnifique, and only $1.80

The Constant Rider: Kate Lopresti writes about all manner of things that happen to bus drivers or on public transport. 32 pages of daily drama – and well worth the $5. A top quality American zine…

Jutchy Ya Ya: I’ve always been a huge Adam Ford fan – this issue covers everything from Facebook hating, thru Scrabble, Hall and Oates and paper models. And it’s free!

250 Dainty Dishes With Pineapple Product: more collage goodness. Take scary recipes, cut up, mix, and reassemble. Kind of like beat poets rumbling in the Golden Circle archives – the sort of zine I wanted to write, but never did. Magic stuff…$5


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

7 responses to “sticky moments

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  2. Those look awesome! I have no idea where to buy zines in Perth. I’ve been given a couple, but that’s all. :/

  3. wildschwein: try getting in touch with Kasia @ puffy eye distro, she doesn’t do mail order, but supplies loads of stores in Perth. 78 records, mills records and dada records in wa are said to have loads of zines. happy hunting!

  4. eroica

    ohhhhh sticky is one of my favourite places in melbourne!
    big wave of melbourne-sickness.

  5. eroica: had brekky @ five today, hope we can do this together again sometime…

  6. Thanks! I know all those shops you’re talking about – must have a peek next time I’m in the city. Cheers!

  7. eroica

    yeah vetti, i’d love to!
    next time i’m in melbourne you’ve got a date.

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