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putting the sun in sunday

Trash n treasuring with Miss Kymbo today, wearing what Joffa’s Mum called “a sun frock”. Much fun was had. I did wish on several occasions for a cameraphone – especially walking past happy view (the $2 asian porn dvd stall), and the bolt bloke with his “hey? wanna screw?” cardboard sign. Oh – and the dodgy lp cover art featuring Rod Stewart. This one, in fact:

Yes – the trashy ’78 disco LP, containing entendre galore and the wince-fest “do ya think I’m sexy?”

But I digress. Big thank yous to the ephemera lady, who sold me some lavishly illustrated kiddies books. And this – the perfect image for a sunny Melbourne afternoon…Click to view its gorgeousness in detail

Outdoor Cafe – in Collins Street, centre of Melbourne. Such cafes make for a welcome break from the rush and tear of the big city, during the fine summer weather.

Photo by Brian McArdle, in the 1967 Australian Pictorial Diary. For more of his Melbourne snaps, look at the gallery here – I love the arcades and Cup pics the most.

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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

5 responses to “putting the sun in sunday

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  2. just heard a few Rod Stewart lines float past with the traffic – thankful that rock n roll ain’t noise pollution…

  3. James G ⋅

    Hello. I found your blog today when I was searching for an edition of the ‘Australian Pictorial Diary’. I see that your post, above, included an image from the 1967 diary. Great photo!

    I’m after the 1979 edition of the ‘Australian Pictorial Diary’. Do you happen to have a copy of it or do you have any leads?

    Thanks and kind regards – James

  4. Vetti

    James: Hello and welcome! Sadly I can’t help. I found this diary in an old wares shop – they had several, but all from the same year. Haven’t seen them anywhere else since. Good luck in your search, and thanks for dropping by!

  5. James G ⋅

    Thanks for your quick response. I’ll keep persevering …

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